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To apply for a loan online, please review this information first to determine if you want to use electronic signatures and documents. For the purpose of this Consent, the term "Online Service" shall mean any electronic loan transaction or other electronic financial product or service we offer that you apply for, obtain, use, administer, or access using the Internet, a website, email, messaging services (including text messaging), or software applications (including mobile applications), whether by or through a personal computer, a mobile device, or a hand-held computing device.

We use documents that are in “electronic form” for all Online Services made through this website, regardless of whether an application is approved. "Electronic form” means that the documents are displayed on a computer screen instead of printed on a piece of paper, and sent back and forth over the Internet instead of by mail or private courier. These electronic documents include the account application, loan and/or extension request forms, loan agreements and disclosure statements, privacy notices, arbitration agreements, adverse action notices (statement of credit denial), and any other consumer notices or disclosures. We will display all documents electronically through your web browser during the application process. If we are not able to approve your loan request, we will send you an adverse action notice electronically via email. We encourage you to print and save copies of all of these documents.

With regard to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (the E-Sign Act), you acknowledge and agree that each and every Online Service you obtain or use is a transaction in or affecting interstate commerce. By selecting “I Agree” or a similar link or button below, you are agreeing to receive all documents, disclosures and notices electronically from us related to any Online Service, your loan application, and any resulting loan, including without limitation any loan agreement, this consent to electronic communications, the Truth in Lending Act disclosures set forth in a loan agreement, change in terms notices, fee and transaction information, statements, delayed disbursement letters, consumer disclosures, state-mandated brochures and disclosures, adverse action notices, and any other information related to your loan or any Online Service.

You further agree that any electronic records will be sufficient as "writings" under applicable law or regulation. Your consent to the receipt, provision, use, and exchange of Electronic Records applies not only to the particular transaction with respect to which you are accepting this Consent, but also to any and all future Online Services that we may provide to you. After accepting this Consent, if you use or obtain any additional Online Services, you acknowledge and agree that this Consent will apply to those additional Online Services, and you agree that it is not necessary for us to present or for you to accept similar terms to this Consent. If we do present you with such terms in connection with any additional Online Services in the future and you do not accept them, you agree that your decision not to accept the terms will not constitute a termination or rejection of this Consent with respect to any other Online Services.

In order to have access to electronic documents, you must have a computer or other device with Internet access and a web browser with 128bit SSL.

If you do not wish to use electronic documents, you should apply at one of our store locations in lieu of applying online. If you have already applied online and wish to obtain paper copies of your documents, then you should email us at or submit a written request by mail to USA Cash Services, P.O. Box 150744, Ogden, UT 84415, together with a list of the specific documents requested. We will not charge you a fee for paper documents. Requesting paper copies of documents is not the same as withdrawing your consent to receive documents in electronic form.

You may withdraw your consent to use electronic documents at any time and without charge. If you withdraw your consent, you may not use this website to obtain a loan from us. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the validity or enforceability of any documents or disclosures provided in electronic form before the notice is effective. Also, withdrawing your consent will not affect our rights under the loan agreement to debit your bank account to repay an outstanding loan. 1. If you have completed your account application and clicked on the "FINAL SUBMIT" button, you may withdraw your consent by sending an email to or by writing us at USA Cash Services, P.O. Box 150744, Ogden, UT 84415. Your withdrawal of consent will be effective when we receive it and have had a reasonable amount of time to act on it. 2. If you have withdrawn consent for electronic documents, but now wish to receive electronic documents, simply complete a new account application online.

By checking the box below, and/or by accessing this site using any password we may send you via email, you are consenting to receive documents in electronic form as described above. Your consent applies to all documents, notices and disclosures relating to this loan transaction (including those listed above) and all subsequent loan transactions using this website.

By checking the box at the end of this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree with the following statements:

  • You have read, received, and printed and/or saved this agreement.
  • You hereby agree to the terms of this Agreement.
  • You agree and consent to the use of documents in electronic form.

Electronically signed by USA Cash Services' Authorized Representative:  David Raine.

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Date: Jul 15, 2024